Scalp micropigmentation for Baldness

For men with very little hair or no hair at all, we would strongly advise scalp micropigmentation for hair restoration. Scalp Solutions by Fliger are experts in working with men and women who have a completely bald head or those with the typical horseshoe shape around the bottom of their head.

In the first instance we will carry out a confidential consultation where we will discuss your requirements in more detail. We must decide on your desired hairline and the exact pigment that we will use to offer the most flattering, stylish, yet natural looking appearance.

Due to the fact that baldness normally affects men, Scalp Solutions by Fliger ensures that the consultation is also done by a male technician. The main reason is because we understand that it will be easier for a man to confide in another man about such personal issues.


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SMP is Low Maintenance

We suggest that you shave your head daily or every other day to give the best possible overall appearance. Any remaining hairs on the head must be kept very short to enhance the overall look. The pigmentation is a 2D solution that looks extremely realistic, however this does mean any remaining hair must be kept as short as possible at all times.

In addition we advise that you moisturize your head and protect it from the sun by using the appropriate sunscreen or a hat during warmer days.

How do you measure baldness?

There is a scale that professionals use to measure the level of baldness that a client has. This is known as the Norwood Hamilton Scale.

For a man to be classed totally bald he is measured as Norwood 7 (NW7). Norwood 7 (NW7) is the top end of the scale which starts at Norwood 1 (NW1) – which is a person with a full head of hair and no baldness. A man classed as Norwood 7 (NW7) may or may not have the horseshoe ring of hair around his head.


Contact us today, to discuss how we can use SMP as a guaranteed hair loss treatment in one of our UK hair restoration centres.

The origins of scalp micropigmentation

SMP was invented by a man by the name of Ian Watson in 2002 as a solution to his own hair loss. Therefore, it was initially devised with the “bald head” in mind. It works equally as well if you have some remaining hair or if the head is totally bald. As a matter of fact, even if a man has hair around the back of his head, he is still classified as bald.

Ian’s passion to create a viable solution to those suffering from hair loss is clear to see and has therefore resulted in the process being popularized worldwide. SMP is now known as the leading guaranteed non-invasive hair loss solution. Our staff are fully qualified SMP experts who have a wealth of experience in creating fantastic outcomes for our customers.

SMP is the leading treatment of hair loss in men and women alike – Worldwide!

Scalp micropigmentation

for hair restoration

Scalp micropigmentation is a great solution for hair restoration, especially in the instance of baldness. Baldness in men is very common as they age and as such cannot currently be cured, however SMP can camouflage the hair loss and give the appearance of a full head of hair. SMP offers a modern, non-invasive and stylish solution that is becoming ever popular with men worldwide.

Scalp micropigmentation replicates the look of thousands of small shaven hair follicles. We create this look by distributing dots of pigment in the upper dermis of the scalp. To achieve the finished look we usually suggest up to 3 treatments to carefully and artistically build the required look. The result is a very realistic “illusion” of hair that is 100% guaranteed to work and provide a long lasting solution for hair loss in men.

Why choose Scalp


Hair loss solution that provides permanent results that look natural and require minimal maintenance.

Relaxed Atmosphere

All of our clinics are specially designed to soothe and relax our patients.

Cutting Edge Clinics

Our scalp micropigmentation specialists in Hampshire, Surrey and Wiltshire, are kitted out with the latest equipment and tech.

Results you’ll love

We care about our clients and customise each experience to ensure that you get a result that you will love.

How does SMP look close up?

If you had no hair at all (and were completely bald prior to the treatment) those near to you will be able to see tangible changes in your appearance. This may raise a few questions to which you can say nothing or make up a great excuse; alternatively you can tell people about your treatment.

The choice is yours; however SMP does look incredibly natural, even when looking close up. So others who don’t know you closely need never know that you had the treatment because you will simply look as though you have a tidy shaved head of hair.

If you are looking for a hair loss specialist in Wiltshire, Surrey or Hampshire then look no further. Scalp Solutions by Fliger offer scalp micropigmentation for crown balding, alopecia, male pattern baldness


Contact us today, to discuss how we can use SMP as a guaranteed hair loss treatment in one of our UK hair restoration centres.