Restore Receding Hairlines

At Scalp Solutions by Fliger, we fully understand the stress and anxiety of having a receding hairline. We know that it can severely dampen the perception of your overall appearance. Normally men don’t even think about their hairline until it becomes an issue. Then it can become a burning desire to get a solution to the problem once and for all. The good news is that your receding hairline can be fixed permanently with scalp micropigmentation.

Scalp micropigmentation is basically a tattoo for your head whereby thousands of tiny pigments are injected into the skin of your scalp. The procedure has some outstanding results, especially when it comes to fixing hairlines. The great thing is, once done; you will never have to think about your hairline again.


If you are looking for hairline restoration in UK then look no further than Scalp Solutions by Fliger. Book your consultation today, and we promise you will be pleased with the result.

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What is a
receding hairline?

A receding hairline is also known as a “mature hairline” due to the fact that it is normally the first place for hair to thin as a man matures. When a hairline recedes, it starts to get higher/ further back. A mature or receding hairline can happen as young as 17 and is reported to affect 95% of Caucasian males. However, normally a mature hairline is a sign of aging and happens later on in life.

For most men, the first sign of hair loss is the receding hairline and it can be a real blow to confidence. This issue can be removed easily with scalp micropigmentation – more specifically SMP for hairline restoration. When hairlines are restored men look much younger, and their overall appearance is enhanced.

Professional hairline restoration in UK

Scalp Solutions by Fliger is proud to offer professional hairline restoration in UK. We are passionate about improving peoples appearance to improve their lives overall. Our technicians will help you feel relaxed and make the whole process a breeze.

We have several clinics throughout the UK and can professionally restore receding hairlines in Surrey, Hampshire and Wiltshire.

What to expect when you get a SMP for hairline restoration treatment

Before your treatment you will have a consultation to discuss the exact type of hairline that you would like. During your consultation we will take time to ensure that you get the exact hairline that will match your head shape.

Your hairline restoration will also give you thicker fuller looking hair. Furthermore, after we bring your hairline forward, it will be low maintenance.


Your Questions

Is there a difference in the cost of restoring receding hairlines in Hampshire, Wiltshire or Surrey?

We are pleased to say that our prices are the same throughout our UK SMP clinics. Therefore the cost of restoring receding hairlines in Hampshire, Wiltshire, and Surrey is the same.

Isn’t getting a head tattoo extremely painful?

Our experienced staff will make you feel relaxed and help you to accept the treatment process. We find that most customers find it relatively painless after the first few minutes. Additionally, because your head produces a lot of oils, you should not experience any dryness or itchiness after your treatment.

For a few days, there will be tiny scabs that actually resemble hair. You may also experience some redness; the appearance of redness is reduced in our customers that have darker skin. The treated area should totally heal within 5-7 days revealing a more natural looking hairline.

Is hairline restoration permanent?

Yes, hairline restoration is totally permanent and you will never feel self-conscious about losing your hair again. However, due to the nature of male pattern baldness, a receding hairline further back in your head will most likely continue with age. To combat this we can provide subsequent treatments for the crown and other areas of your head to give your hair the appearance of being thicker and fuller.

Why choose Scalp


Hair loss solution that provides permanent results that look natural and require minimal maintenance.

Relaxed Atmosphere

All of our clinics are specially designed to soothe and relax our patients.

Cutting Edge Clinics

Our scalp micropigmentation specialists in Hampshire, Surrey and Wiltshire, are kitted out with the latest equipment and tech.

Results you’ll love

We care about our clients and customise each experience to ensure that you get a result that you will love.

What can you do if you have a receding hairline?

A receding hairline is very common and most males will experience it as they age. Therefore, there is no real requirement for treatment. However, if you feel you would like to do something about it, we completely empathize with you. Scalp micropigmentation is the least invasive hair restoration process in the world today. If you have any scars on your hairline then scar removal will be a welcome byproduct of your SMP treatment.


We believe that SMP is the best solution for hair loss in the world and has the added benefit of offering transplant repair and scar removal. Scalp Solutions by Fliger are proud to provide professional hairline restoration in UK. Book your consultation today and we promise you will be delighted with the result.